Monday, 8 June 2009

Rosey Posey

Take care, stay pretty xxx


  1. They are still pretty. Thanks for your comment and well wishes on my monthly goals.

  2. beautiful flower. I like it. thanks for share. See you on my blog also.

  3. what a good idea, to make the day pretty. thanks for visiting and saying hi!

  4. Hi Sah!
    I didn't know this was here!
    How are your efforts at making everyday pretty going? I hope you are keeping up with it...
    It's important.
    I like the decaying roses too. I like the pretty in the unusual.
    Thanks for dropping by my new blog. Hopefully I'll be posting losses soon!

  5. good plan ... make every day pretty ... I think I will try it too :) thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I found you through Scarlet Butterfly above! I love the idea of making everyday pretty and finding ways to enjoy each day we have! I know what it feels like to hate getting up and being tired all the time and anything that we can do to give us a boost is a great idea!

    The roses do look lovely and we have some flowers we kept so long they dried out ans they still have a scent! there's no way we're throwing them out!

    I hope you'll pop by to visit my blogs ( yes I have more than one too)

    love Teri xxx

  7. more posts please!

    look how lovely those flowers are!